Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I read this in a magazine this afternoon:

“When I read about the tip about safety-pinning socks together before throwing them in the wash, it  was like the clouds parted. I can’t believe I wasted all that time searching for missing socks when all I needed was a simple pin.” – Maria, Omaha

WHATEVER, Maria from Omaha.

Let me talk to you about socks.

We generally lose one sock before we even get around to putting shoes on in the morning. Not one pair, just one sock (usually Cooper's.  I think he eats them.) Three pairs of socks are generally toast five minutes after we've left the house.   (Those dang magnets in the mud puddles.)  And they're all wearing socks when I put them down for naps, but two hours later, two or three of those socks are gone.  Sometimes found across the room or stuffed down the side of the crib, sometimes (lots of times) not found.  Aliens.  Anyway, you get the picture.

If I were smart, I would have bought the boys plain, white socks only. I would have bought 50 pairs. But I’m not smart, and months ago I bought them lots of cute pairs of different socks. None of which now have matches.

So, unlike Maria from Omaha, not only do I not have time to safety pin socks together (and if you are reading this and you DO safety pin together all your socks before you wash them, I do not want to be your friend), I do not have matching socks.  Yeah, that’s my kid rocking one Thomas sock and one Elmo sock.   Ahhh-- but spring's almost here.  Three cheers for sandals...

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Anonymous said...

Love this one...I will start saving my white socks for you guys too! LOL