Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Introducing Michael Henry Kahn

I'll write more later, but suffice it to say, today was surreal.  Here's a couple of pics of our new baby boy, who weighed in at 6 lbs. 9 oz.  (Freaking HUGE, to me at least).   Thanks for all the love and prayers and thoughts sent our way!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And the Results are In!

Baby #4's lungs are 100% mature!!  C-section scheduled for 7:15 a.m. tomorrow!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Counting down...

This weekend, Zach and Charlie decided to practice taking Baby Brother for a walk.  Up the stairs.  This is not boding well.  Neither is the fact that when we told them we were putting in a 4th carseat in the van they all freaked.  They think the baby belongs in the trunk.

As long as this baby stays put today, in less than 24 hours we should have the amnio results and hopefully in less than 48 we'll have a baby!!  We'll keep you posted!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby 4 Update and Other Important Stuff...

I can’t believe I am actually typing these words, but here goes – I’m nearly 36 weeks pregnant! We’ve got an amnio scheduled for next Tuesday morning, and assuming that shows mature lungs, the c-section is scheduled for 7:15 a.m. the next day, December 22. That’s NINE days away.

I’ve spent so much time worrying about staying pregnant, that it has only recently occurred to me that maybe what I really should be worried about is the fact that I am about to have four children under the age four. And I still only have two arms.

I’m pretty sure the boys don’t really understand what’s about to happen. They know that a baby brother is coming, that said brother cannot eat pizza, that he will poop in his pants (unlike them, of course), and that he won’t have much hair. They are oddly fixated on the fact that he won’t have teeth. And don’t bother trying to tell them that the baby will have a name. His name is officially Baby Brother, no matter what we tell them. They know that mommy will have to sleep in the hospital, and poor Zach is fairly convinced that he will be sleeping there with me. Just the other weekend, when Brian and my dad had finished building the crib, Zach ran to me demanding “take the baby out of your belly now Mommy!! The crib is ready and we need the baby!” I think he understands now that it’s not quite that easy.

I’m excited and scared. For a time after the boys were born, particularly while they were still in the NICU and we didn’t know the long-term prognoses, I mourned the fact that I would never get to experience the feeling of being a “normal” new mom. (You know, a mom you knew it was appropriate to congratulate; a mom who could actually hold her baby after he was born; a mom who could bring her baby home with her; a mom who could nurse; a mom who could take her 6-week-old out in public; a mom who didn’t have to give up her house for a year-and-a-half to home health nurses). Don’t get me wrong… this is certainly not something I’ve spent long periods of time dwelling upon (and I feel kind of silly even writing about it)… because seriously, this is so unbelievably minor in the big scheme, particularly when I wake up to three perfect, wonderful little boys every day.  Still, right now I am so excited about getting to maybe be a "normal" new mom that I can't even believe it just might be reality. Fingers are crossed and double-crossed!!!

We will keep you posted!

And now, for the important part of this blog…  Presenting:

The First Annual Kahn Family Superlatives

  • Most Likely to Be Found Hanging Out on Top of the Dresser When He is Supposed to be Napping… Charlie
  • Most Likely to Drink the Entire Bowl of Bluish-Brown Water He’s Been Using To Rinse His Paintbrush … Cooper
  • Most Likely to Have a Panic Attack While Digging Through The Kitchen Garbage Looking for the Words "Non-Toxic" on the Paint Packaging… Raizel
  • Most Likely to Feed Baby # 4 Chili - Brian
  • Most Likely to Serenade his Brothers (and Parents) at 6 am… Charlie
  • Most Likely to Demand his Mother Stop Singing … Charlie
  • Most Likely to Fall Down the Stairs… Cooper
  • Most Likely to Pretend He Has Also Fallen Down the Stairs … Zach
  • Most Likely to Demand a Band-Aid for his Clothes … Zach
  • Most Likely to Demand a Band-Aid for the Wall … Cooper
  • Most Likely to Eat Vegetables… Charlie
  • Most Likely to Eat Paste (or Drink Paint Water) … Cooper
  • Most Likely to Take a Bite Out of One of His Brothers … Zach
  • Most Likely to Wear Underpants on his Head… Cooper
  • Mostly Likely to be Cited for Indecent Exposure... Charlie (I'm kidding. Well, kind of. Not my fault he hates clothes.  And sometimes pees on the playground.)