Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poop in the tub??

Today was a good day with the triplets. "Good day" meaning that (a) no one vanished, even temporarily (i.e. no one was locked in the laundry room, again), (b) only one juice spilled on the couch, and (c) there was no poop in the tub. The key words there are "in the tub." Apparently it isn't just the actual bath that makes Zach poop... just the thought of the bath will suffice. Yesterday I made the boys wear their diapers in the tub. Usually I can handle the situation (I've had to become efficient at evacuating multiple children from toxic water and cleaning porcelain). But yesterday was a long, hard day of triplet wrangling, and the bath the previous night ended abruptly with a diarrhea explosion. So anyway, my anxiety got the best of me yesterday, and I made Zach and Charlie wear their pampers in the tub. Do you have ANY idea how much water those suckers hold? I had to fill the tub again after I put them in! And of course, after I took them out, there were no presents in their swollen-to-the-size-of-couch-cushions diapers. So today, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and decided to let them bathe, sans diapers. I undressed them both, started running the water, and then smelled something. And there he was. Zach -- pooping. In his room. While banging on his piano. Without a diaper. BUT, not in the tub. So, it was a good day.

In other news from the Kahn household, Cooper took two steps today! Granted, they were probably a result of momentum from Laura walking him quickly and letting him go to walk into my arms, but there they were - TWO steps! As Laura and I went nuts cheering and squealing, Zach started clapping, and Cooper... didn't even seem to notice what he had accomplished...