Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another triplet haiku

Raizel Scissorhands
Mommy tried her best
Hair so long he couldn't see
Now Zach needs a hat

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elmo's biggest fans go to the carwash

I promised video of today's Elmo fanfest, but I just watched my footage and it made me dizzy. So instead, here are some photos of our morning visit with a creature that kind of resembled Elmo:

That's Charlie behind Bizarro's ginormous paw.

Zach,too, was pretty psyched to meet his hero...

This is Cooper trying to climb up my legs when Elmo was within 6 feet of him. No love for the big E from the Coopster. Not even a high five.
After we left Elmopalooza, I decided to get the van washed. Second time in 2 years, but who's counting? And I had the video camera to document the boys' first trip through a carwash. I think Charlie is ready to do it again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Elmo is coming

Tomorrow's the big day -- Elmo is making an appearance at the boys' gym class. What will they think when they see that Elmo is actually six feet tall? I'm bringing the video camera, so stay tuned.

(Is it wrong that I'm considering slipping Elmo a twenty and asking him to growl at the boys? Maybe then I could delete the 21 Sesame Streets on the DVR and take Elmo's Greatest Hits out of the CD player for good (which, incidentally, played on repeat for about 4 hours today) ... A girl can dream, can't she?)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marking Time

I've been a blogging slacker lately. I've got 2 excuses: (1) I caught a stupid cold which zapped all my energy this week (no one warns you when you get pregnant that one day you might get sick, your children won't care, and only then will you realize exactly how much energy they have) and (2) we started watching episodes of Dexter every night. (Rent this series. It is GOOD and addictive.) Brian's working late tonight, and I figured I could either blog or deal with the Chef Boyardee decorating my kitchen table and floor. Guess what I chose...

The latest in our world:

The other night after the boys went to bed, Brian ran over to Blockbuster. We were all ready for a quiet evening watching Dexter when we realized the TV remote (absolutely necessary to switch to DVD mode) was nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. We spent more than thirty minutes tearing apart the house looking for the blasted thing. I'd pretty much given up - decided that Charlie (who is fascinated with the kitchen trashcan) must have thrown it away with the garbage that got rolled down the driveway the night before - when I decided to get a flashlight from the basement to assist our search. I opened the basement door. Oh dear lord, you have got to be kidding me:

And there it was. Thrown down the basement stairs via the cat door with basically everything else we own. Brian swears he was only responsible for throwing the paper towels and the potholder.


This weekend, Brian, my dad, and I ran in a 5K that started and ended at Panther Stadium. I pushed the boys, and I think they had fun - they loved seeing Sir Purr and I think I caught Zach gawking at a Panthers cheerleader. Cooper was a bit repulsed by the race port-o-potties.


Charlie has changed his name. For the past month, every time I've asked him what his name is, he proudly says "Ray Ray." (Yep - just like his beloved Aunt Ray Ray). Zach's favorite word is "Ah-pus" (octopus). Cooper's is "take" (cake). He requests it with almost every meal.


Yesterday I was washing dishes, my back to the boys for just a few seconds. Over the running water, I heard bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang. Just like ... no.... surely it's just a spoon .... I slowly turned around. Yipes.

Zach - completely guilty - grinned at me. Appears he was marking time spent in this zoo.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cooper's Wild Ride

We had a great weekend.

Charlie enjoyed some watermelon:

Zach enjoyed blowing into Charlie's toy breathalizer.

And Cooper enjoyed his first waterslide:

(Actually, Cooper ended up loving the waterslide. All 3 did. That photo was just priceless.)