Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today began a new chapter in our lives.

Team Sports.  The much anticipated Micro-Soccer league began this afternoon.
Practice began on a high note before it even started when Zach sat in our driveway and stuffed rocks down his socks under his shin guards.

Cooper moved like a robot to the van.  The "pee wee" sized shinguards (the smallest we could find) came over knees.  His socks were like thigh-highs.

Eventually, we arrived at practice, ready to DO THIS.  Today was "skills assessment" day.

I looked around.  Most of the kids were wearing cleats.  My boys were in their brown-leather, rubber soled school shoes.  The ones with the hologram of a dinosaur eye on the side.  (What we lack in skill, we more than make up for in pure intimidation.)  

Unfortunately, the intimidation factor of the bad-ass dinosaur shoes quickly wore off.

Cooper and Charlie held hands midfield.   Zach kept looking for more rocks to add to the collection in his shinguards.
I think their favorite part of practice was getting to put their hands on top of the other kids' hands and shout something about teamwork.   To their credit, though, it was hot, and they were trying their best to do the drills.  I was very proud, and they seemed very proud of themselves.

During the skills assessment, I could feel Brian shooting me dirty looks.  I knew what he was thinking.  This was MY fault.  "Don't blame my genes for their lack of coordination,"  I told him. (I may be as unathletic as they come, but I reminded him that HE was the one in an acapella group in college).  

By the end of practice, the boys decided that - despite still having, well, no skills, and really no clue as to what the game entails - they love soccer are super excited for next week's game.  And Brian decided to volunteer to help coach their team. 

Michael and I are looking forward to bringing orange slices and practicing our cheers.