Sunday, February 28, 2010

Believing in Miracles

Hi everyone,

As most of you know, my boys came into this world facing odds against survival, born four months prematurely, at less than 1.5 lbs. each. And despite their rough start and a few bumps in the road, today they are wonderfully normal, crazy toddlers who keep me hopping.

The Charlotte chapter of the March of Dimes asked me to share the boys’ story at last week’s kickoff for the 2010 March for Babies. Honestly, I don’t think back to the boys’ first six months very often. It’s just not easy.

I’ve always wondered why the boys had to go through everything they did. Very few of us will experience in a lifetime the volume of medical procedures these little boys did in the first six months of their lives.

I’ll never have the answer to that question, but the one thing that gives me some comfort is knowing that we can use the boys’ story to raise awareness about prematurity and in particular, organizations like the March of Dimes.

I am confident that my boys are as happy and healthy and normal as they are thanks to the research funded by the March of Dimes.  The 2010 March for Babies is on April 24th this year in Charlotte. We’d love it if you would walk and celebrate with us!!! Join Team DEFKAHN 3 and help the March of Dimes continue its efforts to give babies like mine a fighting chance.

Our team link (with the boys’ story and donation info) is at

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support...

Love, Raizel (and Brian, and especially, Zach, Charlie & Coop)


Alice said...

Congratulations on a remarkable presentation. Despite so many of the hard memories of that time tugging at your heart, you put the exceptional work of MOD in the forefront. Cooper, Charlie and Zach could not have a better voice to tell their story and they'll always be very proud of their mom.

Tasha said...

What a great post. I watched your speech and cried! You did a great job! Not only are your boys miracles, they are ADORABLE miracles!

Becky VanCise said...


Anonymous said...

Raizel, I have really enjoyed your blogs about the boys since they were born. (We were the TPA for your husband's employer and administered your health care plan. We were very involved when they were born, and we continue to watch them grow and thrive!) You are an amazing Mom, and you really should consider writing a book! Thanks for all the laughs!!