Sunday, January 2, 2011

12 Days Later...

DEFCON [def-kon] - noun - "An alert posture used by the U.S. Armed Forces, providing graduating levels of states of alert."

Here on Columbine Circle, troops have been placed on DEFKAHN 6,  necessitated by the arrival of  certain pooping machine.  Experienced, brave, and stylish warriors of all types have heeded the call to action.

The boys, not nearly confused as they appear, are ready for action.  Or tryouts for the Village People.

In all seriousness, though, WOW - how life has changed.  Hard to believe that Michael is 12 days old.  The c-section went smoothly, and as they pulled him out screaming, I couldn't stop crying.  It was the most wonderful sound I have ever heard.  And to actually take a baby home from the hospital!  What a feeling.

Thanks so much for all of the prayers, thoughts and emails the past two weeks.  Michael Henry (named for our amazing fathers) is a doll, and so far, a great baby.  (Hopefully I've not jinxed myself by saying that).  We've had constant help from grandparents since he was born, and Brian's been able to take some time off work, so things have gone pretty smoothly.   I'm on my own starting tomorrow... let's hope the house doesn't implode.  I think I'm ready though. 

 I was really nervous about how the boys would respond to Michael.  So far, so good.  Charlie is pretty enchanted with his younger brother.  He likes to play doctor and listen to Michael’s knee.  He was very concerned that Michael might be sad because there are no photos of him on our walls yet.  Zach keeps his distance from Michael, but doesn't seem to mind him too much (as long as he still gets to hold my hand when I'm pushing the stroller).  Cooper ignores Michael.  I thought maybe he just hadn't noticed him, until he announced at dinner the other night that "Baby Michael's poop is yellow.  The brothers' poop is brown." Apparently he has been paying attention after all.

A few weeks ago, the boys started to refer to themselves as the brothers.  As in, "Mommy, the brothers aren't sharing the Legos!"  Or "have you seen the brothers?"  Not my brothers.  The brothers.  

A few days after Michael was born, a couple inches of snow fell.  The brothers helped build a snowman.  In helmets. (My little warriors are always prepared).

At first, Charlie and the snowman were friends...

... until the snowman made some jokes about the helmets, and Charlie tried to kill him.