Monday, December 21, 2009

Charlie Skywalker

This afternoon at the park, the boys climbed onto this red metal thing that is supposed to be a firetruck. Zach and Cooper were driving and Charlie was in the back. I noticed 2 little boys (one was 6 and the other was 8) watching the boys, then discussing something, apparently of a very serious nature:

  • 8-year-old: "....The two in front are babies. But not the one in the back.... I think he likes Star Wars."
  • 6-year-old (brandishing a bedazzled sword thing): "Lemmee go see."

The 6-year-old runs over, puts a leg up on the firetruck, and tries to solicit Charlie to join his starfleet:
  • "Whacher name?"
  • SILENCE. Charlie looks at the big kid like he has 5 eyes. Silence.
  • "Whacher name?"

I jump in: "His name's Charlie. He's just a little guy. Nice bedazzled sword."

The kid is undeterred. To Charlie: "You like Star Wars? Wanna play Star Wars??"

Charlie just continued to stare. I could tell he was really wishing Zach and Cooper would drive faster.

Me: "Charlie's just 2. He doesn't know Star Wars yet. He likes Barney. Want to play Barney?"

The kid ran back to his buddy.

A few minutes later I hear laughter and then "Barney EATS babies." The swordsman and his buddy couldn't get over how funny they were.

My boys didn't even notice. They were too busy driving.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! I will save our stars wars toys and costumes for a few years:)
The Alkins