Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goldfish and the Aquarium

And just like that, Hanukkah and Christmas have come and gone. I'm ready for hibernation.

We spent Christmas with Brian's family at Isle of Palms. We had a wonderful time. Exhausting, but wonderful.

Why exhausting? Take travel, for instance. The boys are contained in carseats, so you'd think it'd be somewhat peaceful. Oh, no no. We're talking 6 hours of Barney/Wiggles/Elmo DVDs (with no way to mute the sound in the front seat), tantrums about who was eating whose shies (fries), dropped sippy cups and baggies of goldfish crackers, and leaky diapers. Oh and then there was the incident this afternoon with Zach's nose---

As we neared the end of our car journey, Zach kept saying "nose hurts! nose hurts!" I kissed his nose. (Which usually works, even on the boys' shoes which, for some reason, get injured often). Didn't help. Then he says "Goldfish nose! Goldfish nose!"

Oh dear God. So I stuck my pinky up his nose. Indeed, he had stuck a goldfish up his right nostril.

So (at home) Brian and I pinned him down and shined a flashlight up his nose and saw the offending cracker. Tweezers didn't work, so we shot some saline up his nose (that's what they used to put in Coop's trach when he was gunky... same difference, right?) That made the goldfish soggy and gross, and we noticed as the day went on bits of orange coming out of his nose. Success. Yeah, we're kind of doctors around here.

Anyway, while we were at the beach, we took the boys to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. An amazing place -- it had penguins (!!) and sea turtles and sea horses and a dive tank and a touch pool... I could have stayed for hours. Did any of this interest Zach, Charlie or Cooper? Not really. Here's what they liked best at the aquarium:

The concrete steps. The steps were more fascinating to them than the ginormous fish swimming in the walls and the penguins diving. Next time we are going the concrete step museum. I hear it's cheaper.

Actually, they enjoyed one other thing about the museum. The fake boat:

Are you exhausted yet just watching? I am. Off to bed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! :)


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me laugh to the point to could also reminds me that my life "was normal", when my boys were little, and I was not the only one going through these crazy situations!!!

Tasha said...

This may be one of my favorite posts ever! So friggin funny. Seriously, PLEASE write a book!


Anonymous said...

Raizel, i play this now and then just to hear their squeals. It brightens my day every time!