Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fun at the Mecklenburg County Health Dept.

Stupid swine flu.

No, the boys don't have it, and (knock on wood) after today, shouldn't get it, but boy was it a pain in my rear today.

For whatever reason, our pediatrician's office had neither the seasonal nor the H1N1 vaccine for the boys this year. So we got the regular flu shots at the grocery store and scheduled appointments for the H1N1 at the health department. (Is it just me or is there something wrong with the fact that our doctor didn't have flu shots, but Harris Teeter had shots-aplenty?)

Our health department appointments were scheduled for this morning. Our plan for Brian to go with me was cancelled this morning, when poor Brian (still suffering from a weekend back sprain) could barely get out of bed and certainly couldn't hold a screaming kid. I wasn't about to cancel this appointment, so what's a girl to do? Beg her cleaning lady to go with her! What luck that today was Maria's twice-monthly visit. THANK YOU Maria.

So Maria and I get the boys over to the H1N1 vaccine clinic. Kind of like the DMV (we were even given a number), but full of squawking kids. We were instructed to follow a maze of folding chairs barely wide enough for a person to walk through, let alone for a single and double stroller (my apologies to everyone whose toes I ran over). I filled out a mound of of paperwork (in quadruplicate) and we waited and waited, and the boys finished their juices and wanted more, and threw down the books I brought for them, and wanted snacks, and most importantly, wanted UP UP UP UP NO STROLLER UP UP UP UP WAAAAAH UP WAAAH BYE BYE UP UP HOME HOME WAAAH UP UP. Finally we hear "number 800? " Our turn!

The nurse gave me a dose of the nasal mist, which felt like, well nothing.

Cooper (who didn't qualify for the mist this year) took his injection like a champ. A little screaming, but we got him calmed down pretty quickly.

While waiting for his turn, Charlie's whining had turned into a full-blown-back-arching tantrum (thank god for stroller seat belts). And when it was his turn, the nurse had to call for backup. It took 2 nurses, plus me to hold Charlie down. And he thrashed so hard while the nurse was giving him the mist that he got a bloody nose. (Which completely freaked the nurse out, and had to call for yet another nurse to come over.) And after it was over, as I was holding him, trying to calm him down, he kept saying "Dak turn! Dak turn!" Such brotherly love, I tell you.

As for Zach, well he seemed to enjoy the mist. When it was over he asked for more.

And that was that. At least until we have to go back in January for round 2. Can't wait!

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Nora said...

Hi Guys, It's been a while since I checked in on you. The web sight is great & I enjoyed your story about you Flu Shots adventure. Glad to hear everyone, except Brian is doing well, hope he's feeling better now. Keep up the good work, someday it will get easier.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.