Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cat Herder

So I've been a total blogging slacker lately. The reason? Because someone is slipping espresso into the boys juice cups. Have you heard of those children that sit nicely and color while mommy does things around the house? THOSE CHILDREN DO NOT LIVE HERE.

Actually, although busy, things are great here on Columbine Cir. (Yes, Columbine Circle. We also considered a house on Waco Lane and another on Hell Ave. This one had a nicer yard.) The boys are pretty well settled into the new digs, and they went trick-or-treating (for the first time!) in our new neighborhood last week. Our lion, tiger and giraffe were thrilled to take their "purses" door-to-door asking for treats.

Halloween morning we took the boys to a pumpkin patch, where they synchronized swam in a vat of corn, chatted with farm animals, and took a wagon ride. Oh, and Cooper ran away. Not that this is a new thing -- Cooper is a runner. If he isn't secured to someone's hand, he runs. Fast and without looking back. I especially love it when my little explorer pulls this when I'm out solo with the boys. But lately, Charlie's been helping me out. "Poodah hold hand! Poodah hold hand!" he says to Magellan. Charlie takes one of Cooper's hands, and I take the other. Zach grabs my other hand. We're very working hard on this hand-holding stuff. So far, so good...

In addition to his parking lot duties, Charlie's become our hall monitor. Example: from the tub today, I heard: "Poodah don't eat soap!!" And earlier he told me "don't bite friends." Thanks for the reminder, buddy. I had almost forgotten.

We had a bit of unfortunate excitement this weekend. Brian had back spasms (he's fine now, just pretty stiff and sore), and the boys and I took him to Urgent Care at the crack of dawn this morning. I drove the van up to the entrance and ran in and asked for a wheelchair. A woman brought the chair to the van, and as the boys watched Daddy being wheeled away, their concern became evident. "Da da bye bye stroller????" Oh no!!! Why in the world is daddy in a stroller? Where is he going? Are we going to My Gym? Want juice! Juice? Chocolate milk? Ahhh.... the empathy of two-year-olds.

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beth said...

Raizel, I look forward to reading your blog. The humor is wonderful.
I've discovered after raising 2 boys and having 2 granddaughters and 2 gradsons that girls will sit and color and boys will not. I'm not sure that boys sit and do anything for more than 2 minutes unless someone is reading to them or they are eating and even then they may not stay put unless tied down.