Thursday, June 18, 2009


So today was a rough day. The munchkin critics just couldn't be satisfied. Here's a taste--

Zach, jumping up and down (but catching little air) and pointing to who-knows-what in my kitchen: "Nack! Nack! Nack!"

And in comes Charlie running at full speed (who is for some reason, wet) "Nacknacknacknacknack."

I ask them what kind of nack they want. They won't specify, but both keep pointing at the counter. There is nothing on the counter. The "nacks" get louder and squeakier. They can't believe I don't have ESP.

Then from the family room, "Nack Appa Appa!!" Then, KABOOM and a high pitched WAAAAAAAH. Oops - Cooper fell (again) and is lying facedown on the family floor, completely destroyed over the fact that he tripped (again) over that stupid imaginary line on the carpet.

Before I rescue Cooper, I hand pretzels to the monkeys climbing up my legs. The pretzels are hurled to the ground. A completely unsatisfactory nack. "NO---- DUCE!!!" "TEESE!" "DUCE!" Lots of stomping feet and angry tears as I leave them starving (after all, it has been 15 minutes since they finished dinner).

I turn Cooper over and realize that the stinker has taken his eye patch off for the 3rd time in 10 minutes. When I ask him what he did with his patch, he laughs at me and points at his eye, then toddles into the kitchen, looking for the elusive nack.

Five minutes later, everyone is satisfied with their nacks and the've moved into the sunroom for more exciting adventures. Zach and Charlie are scribbling on the table and Cooper is wearing the crayon basket as a hat. I look around my kitchen. A quarter-eaten piece of american teese lies on the floor. A nearly full cup of juice has been abandoned. Cooper's banana (his "appa") is squished into the carpet. I sigh and wonder how long til bedtime.


Anonymous said...

This is SO funny!

Anonymous said...

love it! You are so good at making me laugh and your quid bits are written to perfection...can I have a signed copy of your book that will be written from this blog in a few years???
Jill A

mommylawyer said...

And then mommy opened a bottle of wine, laid down in the floor and began to scream "Chug! Chug!"

Bless all 5 of your hearts.

Tasha said...

Seriously, Raisin, if you don't write a book, I will be disappointed. The whole world needs to read your hilarious quips about raising the boys! I can already picture you on Oprah!!!