Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Apologies...

Dear Mailman:

I realized today that my 2-year-old boys have been mailing trash. Sticking it right through the mailslot. I'm not sure how long they've been doing this, but didn't want you to take it personally or think that we actually wanted that taco shell box mailed somewhere.

All our best,
The Kahn Family


To the 3-year-old at My Gym on Friday:

No, Cooper isn't actually missing an eye, but thank you for pointing out that one of his eyes might have fallen out. He wears the patch cuz he's a pirate.

Shiver me timbers,
Cooper's Mom


To anyone who has recently asked Zach "What's your name?",

No, his name is not Toooooooyay. He is 2. He just thinks that's the answer to any question since he turned 2. Yay.

Sorry for any misunderstanding,


Dear stuffed Elmo #6,

You are stuffed and not real, and I'm not sure you can read. In any event, I am sorry that your fur is matted and gross from the applesauce the boys tried to feed you this morning.

La la, la la,
Your biggest fans' mom


1 comment:

Tasha said...

Your most recent apology letters are HILARIOUS! Must publish a book!