Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This and that

Today was graduation... Cooper's graduation for physical therapy, that is. He started PT when he was too sick to move, and now he is a running, jumping, climbing champ. Way to go, buddy.

We are really sick of the rain here in the QC. It poured all afternoon, which meant yet another afternoon of couch jumping, block throwing, pots-and-pans banging, crayon munching, and dancing. The Kahn boys love to dance. And they are really impressed with my dancing skills. I don't want to brag, but I'm damn good at the hokey pokey these days. And the chicken dance. I was flapping my wings around this afternoon, and Cooper disappeared for a minute and when he came back he presented me with his stuffed Big Bird. I hope that he thinks Big Bird is a chicken, and not that I look like Big Bird.

Speaking of big yellow things (well, kind of), Charlie's new favorite word is "lellow." It's funny the words that they pick up on and use the most. Every sauce that comes out of a plastic container is "see-whup" -- syrup, ketchup, squirtable jelly, whatever. If they aren't asking for "mah see-whup" during breakfast, they are chanting for "tees" (cheese) or "see-wall-bahs" (cereal bars). Or "kee-kees" (cookies). But by far, the most popular phrases in our house are "NOOOOOO," "uh oh," "OH!!!" and "oh no oh no." The other day I heard Charlie squealing from the other room "OH!!!!!! SUES!!!" (I had left a box of new shoes on the ottoman. He was very excited to find them. So excited that it scared me a bit.) It's really the the "uh oh's" and the "oh no's" that I have to worry about. And I hear them far too often. The other day I followed some hushed "oh no's" to the cat flap in the basement door. Two little heads were peering through the hole to the basement stairs. They had thrown half their toys and their snack down the hole. "Oh no" was right. And the most recent "uh oh's" revealed the boys soaked in Diet Coke. They had taken a can out of the box, shaken it up, and some how popped a hole in it. The can was alive, spraying all over the boys and all over my dining room. Uh oh, indeed.

The only thing worse than an "uh oh" or an "oh no" is silence. It quite possibly means that someone is tearing the last pages out of that book you haven't quite finished or has a mouthful of catfood.

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