Sunday, May 31, 2009


The boys are obsessed with Elmo. I guess it's my fault... the only show I let them watch is TiVoed Sesame Street, and the only part they are really interested in is Elmo's World. "Elmo's World" has been a new experience for me. I was a Sesame Street kid myself, but things have changed in 30 years. Elmo went from being as popular (maybe) as Prairie Dawn (who apparently moved away or died or something) to hosting his own 20-minute-long show, during which he chats with a fish and hangs out with a mustachioed mute with the unfortunate name of Mr. Noodle. And my boys are in love with the little red guy, who in all honesty, is pretty endearing. (Although I get kind of weirded out when they show a fully upright and dancing Elmo. Not sure why, but for some reason I prefer to think that Muppets don't have legs.) Anyway, the boys squeal and dance when Elmo's theme song comes on and remain mesmerized for the next 20 minutes. They each sleep with an Elmo, he's on their PJ's (Charlie likes to lift his shirt and kiss Elmo), and Zach actually sings the Elmo theme song. They ask for him constantly. Cooper calls him "Eh-Mo," Charlie calls him "Mo Mo," and to Zach, he's just "Mo."

So next week is the boys' birthday. What would be cooler than having Elmo come visit? So we looked for a place that rented Elmo costumes. No luck. Tried Ebay, but apparently people selling Elmo costumes on Ebay are insane:
OK seriously. If Bizarro Elmo showed up at our house can you imagine the trauma? So the search continues... And if anyone knows what happened to Prairie Dawn, will you please let me know?


Anonymous said...

she's there, just not very often. We had a sighting a few weeks ago. Maybe she is on a sabatical.

Pusser Triplets said...

My 3 love Elmo too!!! That is the only show they will watch! That is so funny. Prarie Dawn is there she comes on with Cookie Monster!!! We did the Sesame Street theme B-Day last year. (now I wish I would have waited until this year). They have some great Elmo cakes out there!!! I hope they have a great Birthday!!!