Friday, April 24, 2009

Da Da ???

The boys LOVE looking at pictures of themselves and people they know on the computer.

This morning, I pulled up a photo of Granddad running. The photo was one of those "official snapshots" from a 10K that my dad and I ran last weekend. Zach immediately recognized granddad... "dand dad, dand dad," he chanted. Cooper immediately recognized the gentleman (wearing number 2636) running a few paces behind my father: Cooper pointed at the gentleman and excitedly chanted "Da da Da da Da da."

It's not the first time that our children have misidentified daddy. Our boys have also mistaken Brian for a 6'5" bald African-American basketball player pictured in sports section. Easy mistake to make though. I get confused sometimes too.

Ha ha - just kidding Brian. I love you!! Happy 5th anniversary!

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