Monday, April 20, 2009

Charlie's Bag

Charlie has a purse.

I first noticed Charlie's interest in handbags about a week ago, when he started dragging my purse out the door whenever I told the boys we were going bye-bye.

Then he started carrying his long-handled pink-and-yellow easter basket over his shoulder. At first I thought he was doing it because, well, just because. Now I'm pretty sure Charlie thinks it's his purse.* He picks the basket up, slings it over his shoulder (with a bit of gusto), looks at us, kisses his hand (his attempt at blowing kisses), and saunters off to the mudroom, chanting "bye bye, bye bye." Wonder where he thinks he is going... off to the Teeter for more free cookies, perhaps?

*Brian has requested that in the future we refer to the basket as Charlie's "briefcase." Not his purse.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Don't worry about Charlie. If someone makes fun of his purse,he'll "knock their block off". lol