Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises (and shines and wants his juice)

The Evolution of Batman

The obsession started last Halloween, when his big brothers chose to dress as superheroes.

I chose to dress Michael as Mickey Mouse.

The indignity of being disguised as a rodent in the face of the DC Superfriends was too much for this 1-year-old...

And he started insisting on wearing a batman shirt, cape or hood. Everywhere, every day.

While eating his Eggos.
At the playground.                                       While chasing dangerous marine life.
While hiking.

My sweet, adorable one-year-old tossed aside Tickle-Me-Elmo and was asking for Batman gear and books and toys.  (But do you really NEED that Batarang, Michael?)  His innocence, lost.  For his 2nd birthday, he insisted on a Batman cake.   I snuck a few Disney heroes on top -  desperate to save my sweet baby.  

Eventually I gave in.  My mom sewed velcro on the backs of other shirts, and Michael wears a Batman cape almost every day.  He drives a Batman tricycle and carries a Batman lunchbox (everywhere.  Like a purse.)

I know what you are thinking.  That I'm an enabler: clearly, a 2-year-old does does not shop for his own clothes. You would be correct. Michael owns more Batman shirts than I'd like to admit.  But, in my 6-years of being a mom I've learned to choose my battles, and Batman is just not going to be one of them.  Some mornings I can handle the tantrum that erupts when I am dying to dress him in a cute Janie and Jack ensemble that has been collecting dust in his closet.  But usually I'm just trying to get 4 kids fed and out the door, and I'm just as happy to throw him a cape.

Michael, driving his brothers around in his Batmobile

And just for the record, I have chosen other battles.  And won.

Battles I Have Won
1.  No food upstairs.
2.  Play-doh stays outside with the bubbles.
3.  No cartoons with guns.
4.  We do not eat Legos.
5.  We do not play the piano with our penises.

But I'll save further discussion of these and other battles for another day.


jeana said...

Raisel, I'm very glad you won battle #5. My question is: did you win before or after the last time I played your piano??

melissa said...

a. ma. zing. so wonderful reading about your beautiful family. and... YOU. ARE. HILARIOUS. and i thank you. i needed that laugh.