Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cooper's Best Friend

Cooper has a new best friend. A stuffed stegosaurus named Jimmy Jim.

Cooper tells us that Jimmy Jim lives in a house near the Blackhawk Hardware store. (I think this is a lie because Jimmy Jim seems to spend most of his time at our house).  Jimmy Jim also takes yoga classes, and after yoga he eats lunch at IHOP.

I can't make this stuff up.  Neither can Cooper.  This is the stuff that Jimmy Jim tells him.

Charlie is a bit afraid of Jimmy Jim, and I've had to take the dinosaur out of the boys room at night to protect Charlie from being bitten.

That's not all Charlie is afraid of lately.

The boys are I were discussing who looks like who. "You look like me," I say to Zach. I told Charlie he looks a lot like daddy. He started crying. "Nooo! I don't look like daddy.  He doesn't have much hair!!"

In addition to being afraid of losing his hair, Charlie is also afraid of Jeff Burton. That's because Brian found a life-size Jeff Burton cardboard cutout in the garbage at work and just had to rescue him and bring him home. So the tacky piece of trash treasure ended up in the boys' playroom that night, and the next morning, around 6 a.m., the boys discovered the creepy man in the orange jumpsuit. I'm not sure poor Charlie will ever be the same. On the bright side, he probably won't ever be a NASCAR fan.

And now... the scariest thing of all.  Our house.  Please, no judgement.  The other 99% of our day is pure bliss.

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