Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding Bells!

Greetings from Hell.

Potty-training-bootcamp-for-triplet-boys-who’d-rather-pee-all-over-the-floor-than-stop-playing-for-two-minutes-to-sit-on-a-potty-two-feet-away has kicked my butt so thoroughly, that I’ll have to provide the gory details in the next day or so. I’m just too tired to write much tonight. And it’s only day 3 of what looks like will be a very long journey.

But, I did want to do a quick post that my beautiful sister Rachel and her incredible fiancé Brent tied the knot up in Asheville this weekend. The boys were ringbearers – and two out of three actually performed their duties well! (We won’t talk about Charlie’s behavior. What can I say? He’s Charlie.)

I spent all day Saturday at the salon with my sister and the other bridesmaids – hair, makeup, the works. And when the boys saw me just before the wedding THEY DIDN’T RECOGNIZE ME. (May have been the false eyelashes and the country music singer hair.) Charlie actually ran away from me. After a few minutes, Zach decided I was OK to hug, and he said “Mama… you got your hair cut!!”

Though Charlie was afraid of me, he was completely in awe of my sister. When he saw the beautiful bride, he ran up to her and shouted “Ray Ray – you very handsome!!!”

It was a wonderful day – a day I’ve always dreamed about, for many reasons. I got to walk down the aisle for my little sister, escorted by my perfect little boys and my wonderful husband. It was a fabulous weekend.

And now, I’m in potty training hell… To be continued.

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Pusser Triplets said...

I did my 3 one at a time! It was less hectic! M & M's worked great after each successful potty time! I kept a jar on the counter by the sink for a visual reminder!!!