Monday, April 12, 2010

Inquiring minds

I love watching the gears turn.

Tonight during dinner, Zach noticed that the clock that used to be on the wall was gone.
Zach:     Mama – where the clock go?
Captain Obvious Me:     The clock? Oh, the clock’s gone.
Charlie:     The clock's gone.  Like the snowman. <<PAUSE... gears turning>> The clock MELTED!
Zach and Cooper agreed.  Of course the clock melted.

Two hours later, before bed, I read  the boys The Snowman for the umpteenth time.
Me:     "And when the boy ran outside to find the snowman the next morning, it was gone…”

Charlie:    The snowman melted.  LIKE THE CLOCK!

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Twinky said...

Inquiring Minds Wants To Know is really common on children..they still have lost of things to learn