Sunday, March 21, 2010

Belly Button police

Had a good weekend after a busy week.  Brian left for Las Vegas on Wednesday morning and came home late Saturday.  I tried explaining to the boys where Daddy was (that he got on an airplane, flew to this magical place called Vegas), but I'm pretty sure they think he spent four days flying around in an airplane.  Each morning they would notice that daddy wasn't around to see them, and then remind me that "Daddy in the sky... we get prizes when he home!"

So Brian returned Saturday, plastic dinosaur toys in hand, and the boys were thrilled (especially by their new toys).  Almost immediately, the father/sons horseplay resumed.

It made Bax very nervous.

We had a good couple days flying solo.  The only time I had to close my eyes and count to 10 was when I walked into the bathroom (after getting Cooper into his PJs after his bath) to discover that Zach and Charlie had decided to empty the bathwater themselves.... cupful by cupful, ONTO THE BATHROOM FLOOR.

On Friday afternoon, my sister dropped by with some friends visiting from DC.  Within a few minutes, Charlie was showing his new best friends his belly button: "I have belly button!  Zachie and Poodah have belly buttons too!!"  Then he demanded to to see theirs.  Little bit awkward explaining to guests that no, they really don't need to show my kid their navels.   And then yesterday, when I was outside talking to our lovely neighbors (who are about my parents' age), Charlie started up again, "I have a belly button!"   Oh man.  My apologies in advance to anyone who gets confronted by my child about wanting to see their belly button.  Just tell him yours fell off. 

(Charlie, upon the realization that Elmo has no belly button.)

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