Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lake Poodah is Rising

Lake Poodah update:
It rained for almost 24-hours straight today and yesterday. The waters of Lake Poodah rose substantially. A little flood never deterred Magellan and his magic bike, though...


While unloading the dishwasher today, I heard Larry, Moe and Curly chanting: "Stinky mommy cha cha cha! Stinky mommy cha cha cha! Stinky mommy cha cha cha." Then laughter. Not funny, I tell them. Mommy is not stinky.
A few minutes later they're at it again: "Stinky Raizel cha cha cha! Stinky Raizel cha cha cha!" Raizel?? OMG they know I have a name. That's both funny and really, really wierd.
Finally, an apology:
Dear grouchy cashier at the Teeter this morning:
You probably remember me. I was pushing the cart stuffed with children in ginormous yellow parkas. As you were ringing up my deli meat (while muttering "better you than me"), I invaded your cashier space and went behind you to push the cart to the end of the lane. I underestimated the space (and frankly, your rear), and my children's heads came frighteningly close to your bottom. My apologies -- I promise, Zach didn't mean to hit your butt.
Happy holidays! Raizel

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