Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain rain go away

Charlie to me this afternoon when I got him up from his nap: "Hi Tolly, how you?"

Not surprising, because Charlie provides a running commentary of his activities (all day long), in the 3rd person: "Tolly uptayers." "Tolly finga hut. All betta." "Tolly, where-ah-you?"

The boys seem to be enjoying our new digs -- plenty of room for them to chase and wrestle each other. What we've NOT been enjoying is this weather. It rained all day on Monday, and was rainy and cold all. day. long. today. Something about being stuck inside with the monkeys ... I'm not quite the same as I was a few days ago. Cuckoo-cuckoo. So cuckoo that I decided to let the boys "help" me cook breakfast for dinner. Good idea until Cooper started licking raw egg off the whisk.

A few musings from being stuck inside the past few days:

1. They won't touch veggies, but will gladly eat hunks of play doh. Hasbro would make a fortune if they fortified that stuff with vitamins.

2. Speaking of which, the container of purple play doh remains empty. Watch where you step (or sit) at our house. I'm just sayin'...

3. An unmonitored toilet and roll of toilet paper is a party waiting to happen.

4. I need to watch my language. Charlie is referring to toilet paper as "wipe butt."

5. Zach needs to learn a new way to celebrate pee pee in the potty, other than throwing the potty bowl up in excitement. (With no regard to my fear of potty training triplet boys, Zach has become very interested in the potty. Charlie and Cooper, on the other hand, like to sit on their potties (naked) before bath time, and scoot them around like cars. Beep beep! Watch out for flying urine!)

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Anonymous said...

Am so glad to have you back! I've missed my shot of triplet life --- twins are SO EASY by comparison!!

Love, Kimberly