Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're Moving!

Big news here - we're closing on a new house in 3 weeks! So life is about to get even crazier. And I have three extremely willing but not so-able helpers to help me get ready for the move. The faster I pack the boxes, the faster they unpack them. Toys they haven't showed interest in for months are suddenly their most favorite toys ever the second I pack them up. I was successful at packing exactly 4 boxes today. Zach was successful at coloring his face and shirt with my box-labeling-Sharpie.

This afternoon I met with a fencing people for estimates, and I let the boys explore the vacant house. Zach and Charlie stayed pretty much within eyesight, but Cooper kept vanishing. I kept finding him in different bathrooms, playing in the toilets. He hit almost single toilet in the house. And later, at home, I found him submerging an entire toilet paper roll in the guestroom toilet. I'm thinking that Crayola on the walls and clogged plumbing just adds to the "charm" of our soon-to-be-on-the-market house, no?


We went to the beach this past weekend for a quick vacay visiting grandparents BeeBee and GrandDavid. As we've done on other trips, the boys slept in pack-and-plays. On Friday night we put the boys to bed in their separate pack-and-plays. When I went to get them up on Saturday morning, all three were in Poodah's bed (that's Cooper in Charlie-speak). Cute, yes, but also big trouble. I think it means climbing out of cribs is the next step. I wonder if I'm the only mom out there who would like her kids to sleep in cribs and stay in diapers until they are 8. (Here's what I envision the next phase of my life to be like: the four of us perusing the ground chicken selection at the back of the grocery store, Cooper suddenly having to pee, we make a frenzied rush to the bathroom conveniently located at the opposite side of the Taj Mateeter, I try to get Cooper to go potty without touching the toilet seat and without peeing all over himself and me, while trying to keep Zach from unrolling all the toilet paper and Charlie from rolling on the floor, Cooper realizes he doesn't have to go, so we head back to the meat, and then Zach realizes he has to poop. NOW. Oh boy. )


I hope I haven't packed up my How to Discipline Your Child books yet. A recurring scene in our kitchen lately:

Charlie: "All done!!" Then proceeds to throw his plate of pancakes on the floor. That I just swept.

Me: As I yank him out of his chair. "NO!! We do NOT throw our food Charlie. Pick it all up now."

Charlie: "NO SIR NO SIR. Ewwww messy, messy."

Then Cooper copies Charlie, and now we've got 2 breakfasts on the floor. The floor I just swept. Unlike Charlie, Cooper doesn't say anything in response. He just laughs.

I'm finding those books tonight...


Whitney Bouknight said...

Raizel, Congratulations on the new house!! I'm curious if you know how much you're going to list your house for. We're getting ready to put ours on the market and looking for something bigger. Email me! whitneybouknight@gmail.com

Tasha said...

So funny, Raisin! I can just imagine Charlie saying "No sir!"