Sunday, September 20, 2009


The boys, their wagon, and my dad made the Charlotte Observer this week. An Observer photographer was driving by this motley crew and stopped to take some pics...
In other news, we continue to pack and pack and pack and pack. T-minus 8 days until we close on the "new house new house new house."
This weekend, my dad was reading a New Yorker magazine with Zach sitting on his lap. Zach kept pointing to the supermodels in the advertisements and saying "ma ma" ... "ma ma!" Did I mention that Zach is now my favorite son?
Cooper won the most-time-spent-in-timeout-award for the weekend (yes, Cooper). He got sent to his room 5 times. Zach let him out 2 of those times. At first, we tried a time-out chair in the hallway (instead of sending him to his room), but Zach and Charlie kept getting upset that they weren't allowed to sit in that special seat, and we ended up with 3-way fights over who got to sit in time-out. Here are the the rule violations that got the Coopster in trouble: continued to eat a plant (1 offense); continued to eat sand (2 offenses, but apparently I missed some mouthfuls because he pooped sand this afternoon); and touching the cow (2 offenses. Don't ask). Who knew that our little Cooper would be the defiant troublemaker?
Seemingly overnight, Charlie has started talking nonstop. I love how little kids love to state the obvious and are so very proud to do so. Some examples:
- At the dinner table: "Eww. Poodah messy."
- While Cooper is getting his diaper changed: "Eww. Poodah tinky."
- While the boys are in the bathtub: "Dak sweeming! Poodah sweeming!"
- While sticking his fingers in my eyes: "Ma ma eyes Ma ma eyes."
- When asked how old he is: "Two, ah ah ah." (Thank you Count from Sesames Street)
- While looking at himself in the mirror: "Tah-lie, dat you?"
He's also become quite the crooner - his renditions of Twinkle Twinkle and the Itsy Bitsy Spider are the sweetest things I've ever heard. And speaking of sweet, the boys are really into hugging and kissing each other (especially when Barney sings that line, "with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...) They go from hugging and kissing to wrestling and laughing hysterically in an instant. Sometimes I wish there were a pill I could give them to keep them this age forever (except for when I'm packing boxes...)


Pusser Triplets said...

OH my! I just love reading your blog! Our children are so alike it is really funny. My 3 hug, kiss and give a high 5 during the Barney song! As far as discipline I ready the book 1-2-3 magic Effective discipline for children ages 2-12 by Thomas Phelan. It is really good. My 3 are just getting to the point that I can use the counting and it works pretty good! Good luck on your move! We are in the process of looking! When we bought our current house we never thought it would be filled with 3 more so quickly!!! Love the newspaper pic! Do you like that wagon???

Anonymous said...

this was my favorite post so far. your house sounds like so much fun; i felt like i was 'there!' Remember my offer to watch the boys; i could even come over there and keep them outside for an hour or two...

ncheffrons said...

I knew Coop had quite the temper and would give you a run for your money - Sue