Sunday, July 5, 2009

The New 'Nack Bowl

The boys got nutso excited last week when I brought them home a gift. A talking Elmo potty.

I didn't actually buy the potty expecting the boys to become potty trained yet -- I'm not holding out hope for that for another year. But, Charlie likes to tell me when he is "tinky," so I thought it would be a good idea for the three of them to see a little potty next to mommy and daddy's big potty.

Had I kept the receipt, I would have already returned $24.99 potty o'trouble.

Muchos problemas with this potty. The biggest prob is that it only holds one boy. Go figure. This has led to pushing and shoving and screaming and tears over who is the King of the Potty -- a title which enables the winner to stand (yes, stand) in the potty and gloat, and make the potty's Elmo's voice shout "Fantastico!" (I unknowingly bought the bi-lingual version. Who knew toilets spoke Spanish? Maybe I'd have done better in Spanish if my toilet talked to me and told me how great I was).

The second and third biggest problems are that Charlie thinks the potty is a snack bowl (the day I brought it home I caught him pouring in a box of raisins) and Cooper and Zach think it is a really cool toy. It talks and laughs, after all.

I did try sitting Charlie on the potty once. He was terrified -- bottom on the seat and legs up in the air. I think he was afraid of what Senor Elmo might say to him. Or maybe that there are some nacks in there that he didn't want to ruin.

So now it is adios to the Elmo potty. In a few months we'll get 3 nondescript and quiet potties and try again.

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Pusser Triplets said...

Yes we have the same potty! But we have 3!!! A lot less crazy! The good news is you can turn the talking off!!!! It really is a pain when they sit on it b/c they hit his hand with their leg and then it just continues to repeat "Elmo wants to potty with you!!!" Over and over!!!!!!