Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a scar

This weekend Cooper tried to put on his passy-muir valve (the valve he used to wear over his trach to let him talk). For a second, he forgot about his naked neck... (And compare that to this:, taken about 10 months ago)

And this snippet exemplifies the reason I can barely keep my eyes open after 9pm. Adorable, but exhausting. (And just for the record, all 3 were fully dressed when we went outside that morning...)

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kthlnabraham said...

Hi Raizel! It was great fun to watch the kids twirling around the driveway in their diapers...and Charlie makiing himself high on dizziness! Just think, in a few short years...and sooner than you think, they will be tooling around the driveway in ......CARS!!!! Yippee!!! Cheers, Kathleen