Sunday, June 7, 2009


The boys turned 2 on Friday. It's been Elmopalooza for three straight days, complete with Elmo cake, lots of red icing, and lots of red poop.
Hard to believe 2 years have passed since that horrific day the babies decided they'd be born four months early. I've been pretty nostalgic lately. I reread this the other day Still gives me chills and a lump in my throat. So do the photos of my babies, smaller than the beanie babies who kept them company in their incubators, but such fighters and so full of life. The photos posted above were taken when each baby was 1 day old, weeks before we were able to even hold them.

WHAT a year. Coop's trach is gone, and our former one-pounders are completely healthy, happy, sturdy little toddlers (gotta knock on wood, of course). The two-year mark is a pretty big milestone for micro-preemies. What miracles. We are so blessed.

But, just because they are miracles doesn't mean they are perfect little angels. HA. Some moments from the first 2 years that we'd like to forget (I really couldn't make this stuff up and probably should not admit any of this):

  • The time Zach peed in my mouth. (Lesson to all new moms: don't chew gum like a cow while changing a baby boy's diaper).
  • The time I wondered what Charlie was chewing on and realized it was a roach.
  • The time Zach tried to go on television without pants or a diaper (see previous blog).
  • Poop in the tub, poop in the tub, poop in the tub.

  • The two times Cooper pulled out his trach (while I was home alone, without a nurse).

  • The time Charlie puked on Brian's laptop and destroyed it.

  • The time Zach puked all over my mom's head. I laughed so hard I almost peed.

Phew. What a ride. Terrible twos, here we come--

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Pusser Triplets said...

They are miracles! I just feel that preemies will grow up to be strong adults. They have to come out fighting!!! They are just so cute. I am glad that you had a good birthday party!