Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who Needs Pants?

I should post a sign on my front door warning visitors of what they might be walking into.

Zach had a particularly gross diaper this afternoon, and, as luck would have it, the doorbell rang just about the same second that I started cleaning him up. I could tell from where I was kneeling that there was a nicely dressed man on our porch who looked vaguely familar. Not wanting him to leave (I figured it was one of Brian's coworkers or a neighbor), I cleaned Zach up as quickly as I could, and left him diaperless. I'd be right back, after all. I opened the door and realized it was Jason Stoogenkie (a local TV news personality) and a cameraman standing on my porch. He said he was doing a story on the flood down the street and wanted some neighbor reaction. My honest reaction was: WHAT flood? I'd been stuck in the house with the boys all day long because of the rain, and had apparently missed the excitement. He told me not to worry, he would just ask me questions about prior flooding on our street. OK sure, go ahead. I answered his questions (worrying all the while about the fact that I was in my gym clothes and most likely had a snot stain on my shoulder). But what I SHOULD have been worried about was the fact that during the interview, Zach and his brothers had wandered up to the front door, and were hanging out by my knees. Zach was quite literally hanging out, in all his glory. Sure, he had a shirt on. But no pants, and no diaper. (For some reason, I think I would rather that he was naked, than just bottomless.) When I noticed him standing there, I looked up at our visitors, and all I thought to say was the obvious: "Sorry. He isn't wearing any pants." Duh. Kind of like "I carried a watermelon," if you get that reference.

Anyway, I'm sure the reporter found it odd, but the camera guy assured me Channel 9 was a "family friendly" station. Phew.


Tasha said...

As always, hilarious. You write so well, I can picture it all in my head and I am laughing. We need to get together soon! I miss you and am dying to see the boys again!

Katy Gilliam said...

I keep forgetting about this blog. I just don't know how you have time to be so damn funny! I love reading this!

esquiremomma said...

I am so glad I found your blog - you have me hysterical laughing over here! I agree totally naked would have been preferable to pantless! By the way, its Andrea Seeney aka Esquiremomma!