Friday, May 1, 2009

Just need to vent...

So this morning, Diane Sawyer tells me about a "very important crib recall." Wouldn't you know it -- all 3 of our cribs have been recalled. As IF I have time to disassemble three cribs, pick up 3 cribs (and fit them where exactly in the van? I'm guessing they won't fit in the front seat. Maybe Zach won't mind sitting on top of them in the rear?), and assemble 3 more. And then I wonder what do I do exactly with the old cribs? Probably will have to break them into 3 foot pieces and bundle them to comply with the oh-so lenient Mecklenburg County trash-pickup laws. And in the meanwhile (while I am waiting for my crib vouchers) should I keep the fire department on speed-dial in case Charlie's big noggin gets stuck between the offending crib rails??

And while I am venting about things I have no time for... I need to sound off for a second about phantom poops. I really have no more time for phantom poops. Cooper is very good at telling us when he has pooped -- sometimes even before the smell leaks out, he comes up to us tugging at his diaper and complaining. Well, now Cooper thinks he needs a new diaper when he has gas. And so he comes to me, grabbing his pants and smelling pretty awful, so I haul him off to get changed. Silly Mommy. The possum strikes again.

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Tasha said...

That really does suck about the cribs. I think someone should have to come set up the new ones for you.

Cooper's desire to have his diaper changed everytime he farts, however, is quite funny!