Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apology letters, vol. 1

Dear nice gentleman at the birthday party we went to last weekend,

If you are wondering where that nice pile of mac and cheese on your dinner plate went, I am sorry to tell you that while you weren't looking, my son Charlie took a few handfuls. I would have stopped him, but I didn't notice until I saw him eating the evidence. Don't worry, his hands were clean.

Regards, Raizel


Dear kid at the park on the rocking motorcycle who was freaked out by my son who was standing 2 inches from you and staring,

I wish you wouldn't have run away so quickly. We were all impressed by your rocking motorcycle skills. Charlie just wanted to be your friend. I guess he missed the memo on personal space.

Hope to see you next week! Raizel

Dear everyone in the waiting room of the doctor's office last week checking their kids' diapers for poop,

Yes, it was my kid's diaper. Even though I pretended it wasn't.

Toodles, Raizel


Tasha said...

Raizel, these letters are some of the funniest things I have ever read. You should consider writing a book. I would totally buy it!!!

:) Tash

Katy said...

This is SOOO FUNNY! I can not wait to see those boys again! GO HEELS!